Thankful Thursdays: Are you happy?

Originally appeared on February 20, 2013

Monday I had a rotten day. I was sick with a head cold, sorting through personal finances, everything I scheduled for the day turned out differently than planned, I worked really hard and felt like I got nothing accomplished. We all have days like that – where nothing seems to go right except what’s supposed to be left.

As I begin the third week in my year of gratitude, I see a pattern with myself: the days that I am more prepared for the day and begin in gratitude turn out better. Yesterday, I wanted to be ready for today: the week was slipping out of my hands and I needed to do something about it quickly. I woke up this morning at 2:49 a.m. and, with the exception of an hour nap, I have been up and productive. Still, I needed to find time to slow my day down a bit. So,  I stopped to see my grandma this afternoon. Sure enough, her slow speech and rich stories calmed me down immediately. We looked at a couple pictures of my recent trip and watched birds outside of her window, with her words hydrating my thoughts. After just 45 minutes, I left her home feeling at peace.

When I got home, I saw this picture (below) on Twitter of some African kids enjoying something we waste by the buckets here in the United States. I am grateful they have some water and grateful I have some, too. Today is a success. I am happy.

Photo taken at a @charitywater well in Kanombe Sector, Rwanda: these kids are so happy to have clean water!…


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